Mutton curry , Durgā pujo special Bengalis emotions , bangaliana , nostalgic…

Mutton curry , Durgā pujo special

Bengalis emotions , 💯 bangaliana , nostalgic …

I cooked this dish so many times and post it so today not sharing the recipe just couple of tips to make this dish even more better

* A thin layer of floating oil on top of the broth is a must. That doesn’t mean a greasy curry with boat loads of oil. It means the correct art of frying the masalas, adding liquid at the right time, cooking the correct way.
* A good Mutton curry must also have a lovely, brownish, reddish and golden hue.
* It mustn’t have onions staring back at you through the gravy
* Mustn’t contain raw smelling under-cooked masalas.

* Mutton on the bones: I used goat meat. You can use Lamb meat also.
* Potatoes: I used whole peeled small potatoes (not baby potatoes).

* Fry the spices very well: This is very important and if you skip frying each ingredient well you won’t get what you see in the photos. Frying each ingredient until the right state (oil oozing state) helps develop deep flavors, extraordinary taste and an appetizing attractive color. It’s known as the technique of “Bhuna” or in bangali “koshano “

Increase the pressure cooking time if you use bigger chunks of meat or a mature goat 

Add more water for a soupy brothy Curry and vice a versa for a semi thick or thick gravy. Today’s recipe makes a medium thin curry which is not soupy or brothy. Tastes awesome with both rice and roti.

Add the potatoes midway. Potatoes gets down faster than mutton so it’s ideal to add them midway and than complete the cooking cycle. Otherwise they’ll over cook and mush up.



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